How to determine your hair type?

There are many hair types that you may not know about. The problem with hair care is that it’s difficult to find products that will work for your hair type because there are so many different types.

This article will help you figure out which hair type you have and what products to use for it.

There are four major types of hair: curly, wavy, frizzy, and straight. These are all subdivided into many subcategories. For example, curly would be curly-kinky, curly-wavy, or curly-coarse.

The first step is to identify your natural curl pattern and then see what kind of products should be used for it.

Hair texture gene is a gene that controls the texture of your hair. The gene is called the “hair type” gene and it determines how curly or straight your hair will be.

If you have a dominant “curly” allele, then you will have wavy, curly, or kinky hair. If you have a dominant “straight” allele, then you will likely have straight hair and if you carry both alleles in equal amounts (heterozygous) then your hair may be wavy or curly.

Hair type is not just about hair thickness, but also the elasticity of the hair.

There are three main types of hair that are determined by their structure:

Type 1: Straight, thin strands that are very elastic and smooth to touch. This type of hair is usually found in people with Asian heritage.

Type 2: Thick, curly strands that are difficult to comb but easy to style. This type of hair can be found in people with African heritage.

Type 3: Fine, straight strands that are difficult to curl or style because it is so slippery. This type of hair is usually found in people with European heritage.


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